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Suvlu'taHvIS yapbe' HoS neH ~ Klingon Honor Guard
(Brute strength is not the most important asset in a fight.)

USS Tornado is one of few Rhode Island classes in service of Bravo Fleet. Its prime mission is divided in the obligation tasks of science, diplomatic and exploration of the unknown. But in the tracks of the evolving story, the crew of the Tornado gets unwillingly forced into investigations of temporal incidents or anomalies. The Tornado is part of Task Force 93 that operates in the areas of Gavarian, Reaya and Canterra sectors to uphold peace along the line of the Cardassians, Romulans, Klingons and Gorn.

Task Group Astraeus operates along the borders of the Gavarian down to Canterra. Providence Fleet Yards is Tornado main resupply station as they operate on diplomatic matters at the Klingon border or investigate new and unknown scientific discoveries. The year is 2388 and there is an unwillingly adventure awaiting the crew of the USS Tornado. Join us and help to uncover or discover the unknown!


Current Status:
On intercept course of the USS Monte Castello

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Latest News Items

» CO Report July 2016

Posted on Mon Jul 25th, 2016 @ 9:30am by Captain Ryoko Takato in Out of Character

=/\=USS Tornado-C Monthly Report=/\=
=/\= CONTENTS =/\=
1. Command Address
2. Ship Information
3. Quotes of the week
4. Personnel Information
1. =/\= USS Tornado-C Command Address =/\=

The month is rather slow, but nothing else is so true that it is holiday and people actually get stuff to do at home, go on holiday or do something
fun with the family. So who am I to agrue with that and let my crew members take it on the slow pace for once. This will however change begin September
as we will be coming back in the active vibe and continue our mission!

2. =/\= SIM INFORMATION =/\=

The Tornado returns towards Niveq system and docks with the station of Outpost 41 where they are greated by Captain Tauros.
Things were finally settling down at the ship, new crew, new stock and people could finally relax a bit. While Captain
Takato reliefs herself of duty to attend towards her parents funeral process that was being held on the station.
Lieutenant Oakley does the same to attend towards her own family problem at Raeya III and took the shuttle Doppler with her,
while Lieutenant JG Brennan and Lieutenant Zepht traveled with her towards these new problems.

That left Lieutenant JG Eunidas in command of the Tornado, while this was a mere simple task. Things became not so simple for her
when a computer virus started to hit the ship. Meanwhile at the funeral process, Hayashi, the younger sister of Ryoko, received word
of the Klingon ship traveling pass the borders that killed her parents. While she finds Ryoko weak and to loyal towards Federation
goals, she took her out to prevent any risk of this glory redemption. The ship became to defunct everything, personal had no idea
what was going on as Lieutenant JG Eunidas had difficulty with controling the situation. While her home was the Engineering, she
now had to command the Bridge.

Before they knew what hit them, Marines in exo-skeleton suites beamed in and disarmed the Tornado crew fast. As if they were waiting
for something to happen. The Major that Caradan had met earlier with a racist issue, received word and order the beam back towards
Monte Castello. The Tornado is left behind damage in both systems but also honor and pride. What was this all about? Why did they attack?
There were questions to be answered and soon!

3. =/\= QUOTES =/\=
"Absolutely! I served on a Nova Class prior to my recent posting at Starfleet Operations, so I can't wait to get started!"
~ Lieutenant JG Jacen Rendar

"It is a sad fact of reality that life often exists at the cost of other lives. But at least these deaths would be deemed
honorable to the Klingons, worthy of Sto'Vo'Kor," ~ Lieutenant JG Kalin 'Shae' Brennan

"...Nothing to complain about. Though it would be more comfortable if it were a bit warmer" ~ Ensign Rocko Pekk

“No thank you. I'm very particular of where I get my lipstick and I am only fond of certain shades” ~ Lieutenant Laurel Oakley MD

=/\= New Arrivals =/\=
Ensign Kaylee
Petty Officer 3rd Class Dana Sutherland
=/\= Promotions/Reassignment =/\=
=/\= Awards =/\=
=/\= Removed / Resigned =/\=
None, Good!

» We Salute You

Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2016 @ 10:20pm by Captain Ryoko Takato in Out of Character

Today we have to stand together, side by side as fellow writers and as friends. Today we have to show our support towards the family, friends and fellow colleagues as one individual person that has lost his life in a car accident.

Today his brother, Jarrod, has informed us of the sad news that ConfusedFire or also known as Captain Kisewe of the USS Argonaut and in real life Patrick has passed away.

He will be missed among us, but rest assure as he will always be with us in the stars and beyond traveling unknown. I, Captain Takato and in real life also Patrick salute you and may rest in peace.

~Captain Takato

PS: Goodbyes and prayers can be wished here: http://forum.bravofleet.com/forum/general-chat/general-conversation/18880-sad-news

» CO Report June 2016

Posted on Wed Jun 29th, 2016 @ 2:21pm by Captain Ryoko Takato in Sim Announcement

=/\=USS Tornado-C Monthly Report=/\=
=/\= CONTENTS =/\=
1. Command Address
2. Ship Information
3. Quotes of the week
4. Personnel Information
1. =/\= USS Tornado-C Command Address =/\=

This month we might have lost a few due personal interest conflicts, yet we gained strong back out of it. The crew
has shown yet again a solid hand in working together and creating much of their own character developments of who
and what the characters they present are.

2. =/\= SIM INFORMATION =/\=

The USS Tornado has only just been repaired and lost its newly promoted First Officer as it gets assigned to investigation duties.
Klingon Rogues have might more going on behind the scenes than what it is presented by the visable eye. Ryoko is forced to
assign new structure in her command and gives Lieutenant Oakley her shot to First Officer and Caradan as Second Officer. This
with the idea to get things stable again.

The ship had enough interaction on various fronts of character development between members on the vessel. From the new Counselor
entering the ship towards the new First Officer in conflicts with Shae that commited the attack on the Tornado of previous mission. Captain
Takato that is struggling with her recovering and taking back command out of duty rather out of health. But also Lieutenant Martin
and Caradan sparring about the new frontiers of technology.

While the ship arrives in the system where the station is found, the away team gets beamed over to only find a ghost town of hurry moving party.
In the mean time Tornado bridge crew finds out that the station has been forcefully moved and it was actually in its finished moments of being
cleaned out. The chance that the person that was preforming the work would return was getting bigger with every clue they found there.
As the away team finds quickly out that certain items were not in their place, from a unknown power source towards cargo that was in negative dates.

Tornado fear came true as a Vor'Cha class jumps into the sector and warns the Tornado to leave or die with no mercy shown. Ryoko choices to
use the age of the HoD (Captain) against him and provokes him to give the station more time. In the mean time the away team gets to deal with
various situations presented to them. They are dealing with a station that is falling apart due the shots already fired by the enemy vessel
and invading forces on the station to clean them out. Tornado receives damage but manage to trick the Vor'Cha in their own pride and uses
a direct shot to break their wing making them inmobile and give the Tornado the edge to save the away team and warp safely away while the
outpost finally explodes in full brute force.

The new however gets received to late by Starfleet Command, Cestus and Canterra systems have fallen towards the Gorn invasion force. Xavier
Fleet Yards is damage and Tornado is order back towards neutral zone.

3. =/\= QUOTES =/\=
"I don't have time for him right now or his problems. I have the problems of this crew to deal with " ~ Lieutenant Laurel Oakley MD

""No. You asked permission, and I granted it. And frankly, they need something other than each other to think about. The way things
have been, the risk of a mutiny is high, and people distrusting each other is not helping matters." ~ 1st Lieutenant Meera Deloria

"That's not how the 'friend card' works, and you know it. The second you said 'If the friendship means anything to you', it goes both
ways. You can't threaten to kill me and turn around and play the friendship game, it simply doesn't work like that. You feel betrayed,
I get that, but if our friendship did mean anything to you then you should have at least tried to approach me like friend. That's not
to say you couldn't be angry, but friends don't threaten to force feed their friends little Changeling bugs as a death sentence. Who
we are as people is defined by how we act when things get bad, because it's easy to be a good person when everything is sunshine and
rainbows. Well, you've shown me what kind of a person you really are..." ~ Lieutenant JG Kalin 'Shae' Brennan

"That's not how I teach you to operate, that is not how expected you all to react . Yes I am disappointed in you, but at the same
time proud to see this ship not ripped to shreds...." "I want people to understand, to believe again in this crew. Work together
and walk through the corridor as friends and coworkers" ~ Captain Ryoko Takato

=/\= New Arrivals =/\=
Lieutenant JG Carter (Armitan) Martin
Ensign Rocko Pekk
Gendaylii Liaynore
Lieutenant JG Zepht
Lieutenant JG Ziara Rrareth
Lieutenant JG Ciara Odette
Ensign Andrew Lake
=/\= Promotions/Reassignment =/\=
Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson reassigned towards Chief Intelligence Officer
=/\= Awards =/\=
- The Gorn Connection ribbon/award
Meera Deloria
- Purple Heart sustaining injuries and severe discomfort whilst on the Klingon away mission as she was caught in a fire and faced either death by fire or my oxygen deprivation as fire suppression systems sought to out the fire through neutralized air.
Kalin Brennan
- Lifesaving Medal for her actions within the Klingon Depot Away Mission (“Klingon Home Depot”, “Uninvited”, “One Shot is All it Takes”). If it was not for her quick thinking and situational assessment, her and Lieutenant Meera Deloria might not have survived the away mission. This recommendation includes Kalin’s continued attempt to look after and care for Meera even after they were transported to safety.
- Captain's Choice for the depth of her character that conflicted in her own principles and yet doing it for her daughter even knowning what will happen to her. The strong character development that was shown in many tearful joint post of anger, pain and willing to understand was perfectly translated by Monoui in many post.
Caradan Eunidas
– Combat Medal for taking on Klingons during the away mission to the point where a reader could easily get sucked in and not only see through Cara's eyes but also feel the emotions she was was going through in these tense moments. The writing was spot on and quite believable for a combat post.
– Treknology Award for participation in the mission “The Gorn Connection” on the Bridge, for providing and applying treknobabble in the posts as well as presenting excellent trek knowledge in times of need.
Gendaylii Liaynore
– Newcomer Award for her willingness to just throw herself into the mix of a pretty crucial mission that saw the transition and change of command staff and getting the character of Gendaylii involved in the mission regardless of being new of being the Ship's Counselor.
Carter Martin
- Vulcan Order of Science for his imagination in creating the MoBes, devices meant for remote and/or automated repair work to include a wide range of pre-installed repair scenarios.
Laurel Oakley MD
- NPC Award for Patch Gunnunderson and his willingness to interact with others. Though the NPC was created to fill a position which has now been filled by another writer, I see Patch as continuing to be an integral member of the crew.
- Character / Plot Development Award for outing the plot development of Oakley’s previous marriage which almost lead to a child. That jaw-dropping scenario followed up with concise writing deserves the Plot Development Award.
- Recruitment Award for bringing members towards the USS Tornado
Ryoko Takado
-Combat Medal for her Ship-to-Ship combat with a Klingon Bird of Prey and her use of the crew in its entirety to get the job done and to fly away more or less in good shape.
Cailus Griffin
-Grankite Order of Tactics for creating perfect alternated way to deal with the Vor'Cha class vessel.
Scott Erickson
-Character Development / Plot Award because of his consistent positing in the away team post and for working on his own and with others in developing his character, Scott has started to really take some shape and stand out brilliantly as a member of the crew.
=/\= Removed / Resigned =/\=
Lieutenant JG Liam Harrison (Resigned)
Lieutenant Commander Tyler Vorran (Resigned)
Lieutenant Catherine Rhodes (Resigned)

» Community

Posted on Mon Jun 13th, 2016 @ 5:55am by Lieutenant Laurel Oakley MD in General News

First, I want to apologize for taking up space on the news section, but I felt some words would be good to be said. Tornado like many sims in Bravo Feet and elsewhere is a global community with writers from across the globe. Some of us come from far reaching countries and even myself (though a native of the United States) am presently living in Japan.

In the state of Florida in the United States there was a horrific event that has taken place that has taken the lives of at least fifty men and women at a Gay club in the city of Orlando. Many more were injured in this ordeal and it has sent ripples of pain throughout various communities, not just the LGBTQ community but to friends, family, and vast communities regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation or religious beliefs.

Today and for some time to come, I will be mourning for the loss of so many lives and the hundreds of lives effected by this atrocity. I am sure that I speak for many when I say our hearts go out to these families and to the greater communities coping with the aftermath. I wanted to personally say thank you to everyone here and on several sims because you have been welcoming to lGBTQ writers and characters, providing a safe space for the creative expression of myself and others. Thank you truly.

R. James Dale (Lt. Laurel Oakley)
Executive Officer - USS Tornado

» Squiddies Ahoy!

Posted on Sat Jun 4th, 2016 @ 2:25am by Lieutenant Laurel Oakley MD in General News

It is not everyday that such wonderful news strikes twice in one place, but this month it certainly has. Bringing in some bright sunshine to shine upon us as we make a slight command transition in the Executive Officer / Assistant Game Manager seat, I am proud to announce that two of our own here: Patrick (CO) and Azmaria (Our new Counselor) are both in the running for a wonderful award.

A few days ago, Ongoing Worlds released the list of nominees for their annual Squiddie Awards. These awards transcend sims and go far beyond the reaches of a fleet or even the Star Trek genre. They cover sims of various genres and past nominees and award winners have been from various fleets or independent.

There are three areas where awards can be won. These include the person, a sim, or an organization/fleet. Patrick and Azmaria have received nominations in the first of these categories. Though the award winners have not yet been announced, it is still a great honor to be nominated for these awards. So, please join me in congratulating two amazing writers and wish them luck on bringing home the grand prize of a win!

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Mission: The Three Sisters
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"Calm down, I'm sure that the Captain will-" A young man replied to her on the comm screen.

"This is my first assignment. And it isn't like I have a…

» Brief me Captain

Mission: The Three Sisters
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Ryoko was tapping with one finger on the table as she looked at the profile of Hayashi and the Monte Castello on her screen. Tornado was following the path of the Federation vessel, but the virus had delayed them greatly. Thought it was good news for her that Laurel was…

» [Backpost] Poking at Old Wounds

Mission: The Three Sisters
Posted on Tue Aug 16th, 2016 @ 2:18am by 1st Lieutenant Meera Deloria & Lieutenant JG Ziara Rrareth & Ensign Riaan Rrareth

Riaan laughed at Ziara's joke, chucking softly. They were sitting in the lounge, enjoying some drinks and the atmosphere. Ziara caught the door opening and an Orion marine stepped into the room. Ziara had smelled her around the ship, she smelled pretty. However, they had not actually met yet. She…

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» What is This I Feel

Posted on Wed Jul 6th, 2016 @ 4:44pm by Lieutenant JG Caradan Eunidas

Personal Log
Lieutenant JG Caradan Kiritseleshina Eunidas
Chief of Engineering
U.S.S. Tornado

A few months on this ship and already I have witnessed departure, death, near destruction of the ship, near self-destruction of the crew, my first Away Mission, and the widest array of emotions I have experienced to date.…

» Personal Log - The Jitters

Posted on Fri Jul 1st, 2016 @ 3:08am by Lieutenant JG Ciara Odette

=/\= Outpost 41, Personal Quarters =/\=

Personal log, Ciara Odette, Chief of Operations..."

She paused, eyeing her own record which was pulled up on her PADD. "It's really on my file and everything..."

Ciara tossed her PADD onto the spartan bed, then started to pace back and forth in-front of…

» Personal log 354

Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2016 @ 10:37pm by Lieutenant JG Scott Erickson

Lieutenant junior grade Scott Erickson reporting:

Due to classified matters that I am not at liberty to discuss Chief Intelligence Officer lieutenant Catherine Rhodes has stepped down as chief of my department. She has left me with some words of encouragement and several data files that to look over. Mostly…

» Memory lane #1

Posted on Sun Jun 19th, 2016 @ 12:25am by Captain Ryoko Takato

After being killed almost and facing myself in an odd old way. Heh me? Admiral the joke's on you Starfleet. But still it means that I have been avoiding death itself over and over, whatever comes at me would mean that I survive somehow. Well the only thing I can…

» Cabin Fever

Posted on Sat Jun 4th, 2016 @ 7:11pm by Lieutenant JG Carter (Armitan) Martin

Chief Science Officer's Personal Log
Stardate: 64193.38

It's been about a week since I arrived on the U.S.S. Tornado. In that time I have seen the shuttle bay, Sick Bay, and my quarters. All in all, I've been at my post for a week and have accomplished nothing except for…